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    Goldeneye 64 Press Kit

    This press kit is probably the most bare I’ve seen over the years. But there’s probably a lot worse than this one. It’s cheap too ($19.99 atm). This is the super rare N64 Goldeneye promotional press kit. A 16-page book with early screenshots, descriptions of characters, weapons, and locations, ads for the game, game guide, […] More

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    Dino Crisis Press Kit

    Dino Crisis was a pretty good game for the Playstation. You never know when the dinosaurs will come out and scare the shit of out you. I was scared as hell. I wish there were more game like that today, cheap scares, overall good narrative, and best of all, it played just like Resident Evil. […] More

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    Grand Turismo 5 Media Press Kit

    So after 5 years in development, Gran Turismo 5 is finally here. With sales over 5.5 million (as of 12/6), it’s no wonder they’re already hard at work for the next installment. The kit is pretty much the first one i’ve seen for this game. It has been relisted once per the seller.. From the […] More

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    God of War: Ghost of Sparta Press Kit

    Here’s a quicky: God of War Ghost of Sparta Media Press Kit Given to the media in the PAL territories, this awesome looking press kit hessian sack. A detailed description from the listing: Inside the Omega Hessian sack there is a brochure and a wooden coaster, everything is inside an envelope-like packaging. After removing the […] More

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    Splatterhouse Press Kit Coffin

    Splatterhouse is a pretty decent retro sidescrolling beat ’em up. They remade it this year, and while it`s nothing spectacular, it is a pretty decent remake. Apparently they released a nice little press kit which was limited to 666 copies. It includes a Splatterhouse T-shirt, the full game (as a promo disc) and a press […] More

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    Battletoads Media Book (Internal)

    Seller random185 has alot of random but interesting items for sale. Some of which cost an arm and a leg… Battletoads Internal Media Book other items: Transformers Press Kit for Playstation 2 SCPH-2000 Prototype Keyboard Adaptor for Playstation Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Press Kit (this is the 2nd time someone had listed this) Twisted Metal […] More

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    Jersey Devil Press Kit

    Jersey Devil is definitely one of the early PS1 titles that I wanted to like when it first came out. In a way, it was sort of similar to Crash which at the time dominated the Ps1 charts and was considered the Playstation mascot. This is a unique press kit where they used slides instead […] More

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