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Rarest Video Games Post 2000 – Collectors Editions and Other Goodies

Rarest Video Games Post 2000 – Collectors Editions and Other Goodies

Video game collecting broke into the mainstream news about a month ago when a pristine, unopened copy of Stadium Events (!) sold for around the $40,000 mark. Now look, I certainly don’t jive with the idea of paying for half of a home’s mortgage on an old video game. With that being said, Stadium Events nes represents […]

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Konami Gaming eBay Auctions

How is everyone doing? Is 2015 going well so far? We here at GameSniped have something new and exciting planned for the next update. I really hope you guys like it. It will definitely be different from the posts we’ve run in the past. For the time being, feel free to enjoy these Konami Gaming […]

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Arathas Lich King Pin World of Warcraft

Check out the 2014 Blizzcon Gaming Merchandise and Other Goodies I Caught on eBay!

How’s everyone doing today. Did any of you attend Blizzcon this year? I heard it was pretty awesome and the turnout was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend this time. But, I definitely want to go next year. Fortunately, if you’re like me, we can live vicariously through others’ experiences! That’s why I went out […]

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fatal frame posters

The List of Survival Horror Games (Cont’d): My Favorite Scariest Games on the PC and Consoles

Hey, guys. Welcome back. As I mentioned last week, my list of my favorite survival horror games felt a bit skimpy to me. So this week, I’ve decided to flesh out the list to include general horror video games (be they adventure, survival, or action horror). Let’s check out my favorite scariest games on the […]

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Destiny Astronaut Ice Cream

Build a New School Gaming Collection with Awesome Destiny Memorabilia

Hey, guys. Welcome back to the new post on GameSniped. I just wanted to give you a quick update regarding the buried video games in New Mexico. So far, authorities in Alamogordo have not made any announcements regarding auctioning off the game cartridges other than the fact that the games will include a seal of […]

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Stadium Events NES

Filmmaker Uncovers the Atari Alamogordo Video Game Burial

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the rumors of Atari’s executive management and their decision to bury their unsold copies of E.T. for the Atari 2600. For those of you not familiar with this game, E.T. is widely considered the worst mistake in video game history. The game was so awful and had […]

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The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle

Most Rare Collectors Edition Video Games

Limited/Collector’s edition video games tend to be the holy grail for serious video game collectors. The more rare the collection, the better. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this system, developers and producers typically release a special edition box set to coincide with a video game’s regular release. These box sets include lavish […]

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The Silence of the Lambs Special Edition

Complete your Horror Collection with Horror Block and Box of Dread Subscriptions

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Do you guys love horror movies? I went into a full blown, nerd-induced catatonic state when I discovered these horror themed subscription boxes, Horror Block and Box of Dread. This is the perfect time of the year for me to sign up for one of these horror themed box subscriptions, too. […]

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Limited Edition Game Boy Systems

One seller has quite a few listed. [phpbay keywords=”game boy” num=”18″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”PricePlusShippingHighest” sellerid=”webwebo” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″]  

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Sega Dreamcast – Biohazard Code Veronica (NTSC-J) Resident Evil Special Edition

Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition XBOX 360 Contest Console

Seems like this LE console came from an XBOX Swagfest Twitter Contest. Love the graphics on this. No idea how many were made or how this is printed. Auction Here Other Resident Evil Items: Resident evil 5 Limited Edition Watch Capcom – #211/555 Resident evil Biohazard Hunk Figure Statue with Clock Capcom Resident evil Biohazard […]

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GEARS OF WAR 3 Press Kit Limited Collectors Edition Xbox 360 PressKit GOW3

Press Kits

In my mind, with the release of the Playstation 1 came the birth of the press kit. There isn’t a clear definition of what a press kit is, but most collectors agree that it should at least contain a (promo) copy of the game. These kits are sent to journalists and reviewers to present their […]

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Wholesale Lot of 288 Nintendo Gamecube Game Cube Games

Special Edition Andrew Ryan Bioshock Statue & Vintage Atari Knife

These originally retailed for $100 and were limited to a run of 200. I actually thought about buying a couple last year when they were in stock. Judging by the bids on this one, I really dropped the ball there. Auction Here This Vintage Atari Pocketknife is pretty awesome too. Also: Earthbound Mach Pizza Complete […]

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