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    Nike Air Max Playstation 3 Hyperstrike

    I’ll be honest in that I know nothing about these, except that the seller says these were only given out to VIPS at Sony and limited to 24 pairs. Another source says that they were made to commemorate the launch of the PS3. That makes perfect sense given the 11.17.06 on the rear of the […] More

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    NIB Recca Summer Carnival 92 & Pokemon galore

    Famicom Recca Summer Carnival 92 Brand New First one I see brand new. This is a special cart, made for the annual Summer Carnival shooter competition by Hudson. Other stuff: nintendo nes test station Ugly DK Coin Bank Pokemon Quilaza sculpture & all the others, homemade Everything a Pokemon collector may want! UNIVERSAL ZERO HOUR […] More

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    Bo Jackson Nintendo Tecmo Bowl Sneakers

    The glory of Bo Jackson – the first player to play two professional sports. The insoles feature a picture of him with his football pads while holding a baseball bat.The inside of the tongues feature his slogan of “Bo Knows” and the other feature his Nintendo Tecmo Bowl character. Sweet. Link More

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    Sonic Themed Sneaker

    Apparently video game themed shoes have become a staple of gameSniped. At least we’re not obsessed with cakes or Japanese school lunches like Kotaku right? Anyway, just check out these shoes, Sonic on one side and Knuckles on the other. These babies have to make you run faster. Screw the Air Jordans, these shoes would […] More