Commodore 65 Sells For $20,100.00

This is almost DOUBLE the price of what the last one sold for around a year and a half ago.

The C65 (also known as the C64DX or C64DX Development System) was an upgraded Commodore 64, meant to be backwards compatible with the original, while offering advanced features to make it more of a competitor to the Amiga platform.
It featured a sleek new design, two SID audio chips, a built in 3.5″ floppy drive, better graphics abilities and expansion to 8 megs of RAM. The project was cancelled in 1991 by then CEO, Irving Gould.

When Commodore International was liquidated in 1994, a number of prototypes and parts were sold on the open market. According to most info online, estimates as to the actual number of machines to exist range from 50-200. One collector told me however, he figures there’s around 10-20 complete units, not all of which boot and around 40 motherboards which are not all complete. Apparently they were sold by a liquidator called Grapevine Group through magazine ads, who at one point even posted a picture with an entire room of the hardware in different stages of completion.

It will be interesting to see if this was a legit sale, as this will make it by far one of the priciest systems out there. Winning bidder has zero feedback however and after talking to the seller, I’m pretty sure this will not be paid for. Still, even assuming that second place was someone who changed their mind and created the zero feedback account, this got bids up to $15,377.00. If second place is legit, it could still be as high as $16,342.72 – $20,000.00.

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