First4Figures Zelda Statue Lot With Matching Numbers

These limited edition statutes tend to fetch a pretty penny by themselves, but I’ve never seen a bunch for sale with matching numbers. I know sets like this will sell for a premium in other collecting circles, so I wonder if it will here as well.

First4Figures Zelda Statue Lot (Ocarina, Fierce Deity, Dark Link) With Matching Numbers(Thanks Tony!)


Yoshi’s Island DS LE Yoshi and Baby Mario Figurine – This 2007 promo was given away as a contest prize for completing a Nintendo survey and was possibly sold for a brief period at the Nintendo World Store. It’s been awhile since one of these was listed.
Descent Freespace Flight Crew Leather Jacket – From the seller of the Killer Instinct Jacket comes another – this time in genuine lambskin. I remember when this game came out as I was very excited at the thought of a new Descent game. Sadly, it was not.

Zelda Majora’s Mask Link Action Figures – Now I know some Zelda figures fetch really good coin. But $600+ for loose figures? Really?(Thanks link584!)


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