Canabalt Physical Release for C64

It’s not everyday that iOS game gets a physical release. Very very few of them actually makes it out of the digital download. Canabalt is one of those simple but very addicting game for the iOS platform and the game now has a physical release for C64!

There are two versions of C64anabalt available; one with a SID chip conversion of Danny B.’s original score by Mikkel Hastrup (Encore), and an alternative build featuring music from the PC indie game ThrustBurst by Andreas Slotte (Ghormak). Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to fit them both into a single 16KB ROM, so we’ve made two versions available to order (more on that in a bit) or download.

Please note that C64anabalt is compatible with NTSC C64’s, but lacks the static parallax background cityscape (the background scrolls instead) and it stutters slightly at high running speeds (due to the NTSC machine having less CPU time available). The game also plays fractionally faster than the PAL version. None of these issues severely affect the play of the game, but it should be noted that the game was coded specifically for PAL machines.

The dove-grey cartridge is packaged in a box designed by Adam Saltsman and comes complete with a printed manual.

RGCD is willing to ship this game worldwide so if you’re interested, head over to their online shop. This game is supposedly limited.. It cost about $31 USD shipped.

via Joystiq


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