Eye of the Beholder Demo

Eye Of The Beholder PC Demo Sealed

Rare Sealed SSI Eye Of The Beholder DEMO

from the description

“..the question is how rare are they? That is a question no one can answer. The records of game production for SSI are spotty at best, and I have yet to find any record of how many demo’s were issued for each game. My guess is that since they came off the same production line the demo’s were never tracked but are included as part of the overall game production totals. Common sense tells us that there are extremely fewer demo’s than store sold copies. Odds are that many of them were opened and used as intended, but where they would go from there is anyone’s guess. I have seen complete factory sealed collections of SSI games, but I’ve seen very few factory sealed demo’s versions.”

Keepin’ it real floppy..

other stuff:

Lots of unsold Street Fighter IV Fighting Sticks for Xbox 360 for PS3 as well

Master Chief Painting (oil on canvas) done by someone named Chris Curley

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