Glorious Glorious Sachen

I already have a feeling how this site is going to progress, I’m going to end up blogging about the hard to find, but findable games as well as oddities and nifty stuff. My counterpart is most likely going to bring you the raw, nitty gritty super rare Development and Prototype auctions.

To each their own.

If you have no idea what Sachen is, turn back now. One you play a Sachen game you become hooked. Hooked on their absolute horrid gameplay to still manges to consume me.

I was going to link to a primer on Sachen by TheRedEye of fame but his site seems to no longer exist.
EDIT: seems to have a mirror here.

Anyways, the basics are that they are really, really bad games. There is also a lot of argument about weather they should be counted as legitimate US releases for those trying to complete a full NES collection.

The price on these babies continues to climb for some reason, and I really wish I had taken advantage of the opportunity to pick up all the games for a reasonable price a few years back.

They show up on eBay every now and then, with some of the games being much harder to find. Most of these are ending up in the hands of people who won’t be parting with them, so if you have interest, track them down while you can.

Anyways, there’s nine available here.

This game, Jurassic Boy, is actually pretty enjoyable. Probably one of the best ones by far, and a great choice if you will only ever play one Sachen title.

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