Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings massive additions to your collection, and anything you choose to sell goes for big money.

Anyways, I’m actually back!

Here’s my deal, it’s a long rather complicated but pretty simple at the basics.

My wife ended up getting transfered out of the blue, so I had to go find a new place to live in a new town on the other side of the province. After putting in my notice (we rent currently) and getting everything cut, we started to move. Midway through the move my wife gets her original position back, and we have to move back to our original town again.

Only problem is I have everything cut and the place where we were living is already lined up to be rented. So I do manage to find a new place, start moving back and then… my car goes of my road.

I’m fine, my dog is now afraid of being in car, but the car is not in great shape. Neither is my laptop which was in the backseat. =(
I’m just thankful our eleven month old son wasn’t on board at the time.

So, now we’re finally in our new place and as of yesterday have the internet and a computer again.

As you can imagine, gameSniped hasn’t been a huge concern to me. I do wish I had gotten a chance to post some updates, but with all that going on I really couldn’t find the time to post, and didn’t really have a method to do so anyways.

No excuse though. I’m going to see if I can find a way to make it up to all our loyal readers though (and you too Nicola).

Lastly, I’ll get to addressing and finishing up the contest tonight.

Once again, happy new year!


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