Korean Samsung Gam*Boy

There’s actually not a ton of info on this system online. From what I understand though, Sumsung was to Korea what Tec-Toy was to Brazil for the Master System.

Apparently the South Korean Government originally forbid Japanese companies from selling electronics in Korea, so all Japanese game consoles had clones produced by domestic Korean companies. Samsung did the duty for Sega, making Megadrives, Saturns, and apparently even Dreamcasts.

The system name was later changed to the Aladdin Boy, after they released the Mega Drive as the Super Aladdin Boy. Pricing the systems is not exactly easy, but the most recent sale I can find is here. It’s the second version of the system with Alex The Kidd built in. It sold for roughly $200.00 US.

Anyway, eBay seller mecek has a bunch of the Gam*Boy games up for sale right now. The opening bids are a tad high in my mind, but they’re not easy to find games online without navigating foreign sites.

Some are boxed, but unfortunately Streets of Rage isn’t. I’d be all over that if it was.


Check the ads below as well. It puts US advertising to shame.

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