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LJN & Acclaim CES Prototype Boxes

As far as my collecting interests are concerned, these are probably the most exciting and interesting items I have seen so far this year on ebay. There really isn’t a term for these. Prototype boxes? Sample boxes? Pre-production boxes? Semantics aside, these were used at CES around the early 90’s to showcase new and upcoming games from LJN and Acclaim for the NES, SNES, Gameboy and Sega Genesis. The boxes have art on the front and sides, though the backs are void of text or in game pictures since they were basically taped to a wall for display. Glancing through, I already see a few that are different from the final release art. Some of these box mockups were used for ‘Vanity Shots’ in an Acclaim/LJN Media Kit that I have possession of (though the pictures are in black and white). These are very neat to say the least!

Update: Looks like there wasn’t too much interest in these, as they all sold for the opening bid of $49.99. Maybe if they were more desirable titles, we would have seen more bidders.


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