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SNES Counter Tester

Well, Nicola already posted about the NES Counter Tester, but he missed the SNES one! He must be slipping in his old age…if I get a chance to do a full search sometime soon, look out! (Sold: $202.50)

GBA Classic Series Promo Kit: If you have an interest in this, I have the related Decals brand new and unused up for auction on NintendoAGE (ends Thursday at 9PM est) (Sold: $132.50)
DK & Zelda Employee Pins (Sold: $42.50)
Donkey Kong Country NFR cart (posted by Mike Dougherty) (Sold: $52)
Dragon Ball Z GBC Promo Box:Â Only $4 shipped! (Sold: $1.99)
Mario Popcorn: From 2004…yum!
-There are two nice pieces of signage up for sale on NintendoAGE, a StarFox banner and World of Nintendo Globe

 –6ft Zelda OoT Banner (Sold: $124.50)

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