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Mario Party 8 Lollipops from a Nintendo Rep when the game was released and she in turn gave it to me. I had no idea what to do with it (I’m not a candy fan) so I threw it in her freezer. It survived two different moves though I did have to throw it out a few months ago when our fridge kicked the bucket. If you are a collector of Video Game related food, I wish you all the luck in the world. Also, the lollipop I had was blue so there are variants of these floating around out there! Did you know (as long as you are typing properly on a qwerty keyboard) that lollipop is the longest word you can type with your right hand?

Nintendo Fun Club Issues 1-7: Not exceedingly hard to find, but 1 and 2 tend to go for a lot of money and I rarely see them all sell in an open auction. (Sold: 134.82)
Mario/DK Cereal Animations: I only post these when I see ones I like…check out DK!
Link Halloween Mask: A little late for St. Patrick’s Day (since it looks like a demonic leprechaun) (Sold: $16.99)
A Large Posable Mario Birthday Decoration
Playchoice 10 Flyer ft Mario: I love the art on this!

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