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Playstation Development Setup

The Playstation Museum is selling off this massive Playstation Development kit. Anything you would need to start your own PS1 game production (if anyone would still be interested in that). There’s a massive list of contents included:

  • DTL-H505 – the very first PlayStation development hardware designed by SN Systems. Released in early 1994, this hardware may not be the final chip version (a select number of hardware was released to select developers before the main chip was finalized in order for development to begin). Codename on the back of this unit is PS-X
  • Two (2) DTL-H500 Prototype controllers – these are the first designed controllers that resembled SNES controllers.
  • DTL-H700A – Artist Board
  • DTL-H2000 – SN Systems redesigned the H50X series of development kits to fit onto two ISA boards which can plug into a PC.  These boards are installed in a PC which is included and tested (software already installed on machine). (Visit the PSMuseum facebook page for a video of this dev kit working) [includes the A/V cable to connect to a TV]
  • DTL-H201A – Graphics Artsit Board
  • DTL-H2010 – External CD-Rom Drive (for use with H2000)
  • DTL-H2040 – Memory Box (complete in box)
  • DTL-H2050 – Adapter for controller port
  • DTL-H2080 – Two (2) Controller Boxes (one complete in box)
  • DTL-H2500 – redesigned H2000 to fit onto a PCi board.
  • DTL-H2510 – Two (2) Internal CD-Rom drives for use with H2500 or H2700. One comes complete with special cable
  • DTL-H2700 – The ultimate dev kit with a performance analyzer (ISA)
  • DTL-H3050 – RS232 cable
  • DTL-H700 – Sound artist board
  • DTL-H1001 – Blue debugging unit NTSC
  • DTL-H1101 – Blue debugging unit external power supply NTSC BRAND NEW IN BOX
  • DTL-H1201 – Green debugging unit NTSC
  • DTL-H1202 – Green debugging unit PAL
  • DTL-H3XXX – Special black debugging unit from SCEA
  • DTL-H3001 – COMPLETE Net Yaroze development kit in box – includes controller, memory card, guides and original paperwork.
  • SCPH-1010e – Three (3) controllers with special connectors for the dev kits
  • Psygnosis CD-Rom e m u board
  • Two (2) Psy-Q Psygnosis security Dongles
  • CDR-71PS – Seventeen (17) Blank Master Discs [one sealed]
  • Sony CDW-900E Master Disc Burner
  • Sony CDU-921S External/Internal Master Disc Burner

All of that (including books also – see description) for $35,000.

Link to auction with 4 days to go


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