Sega Copybox Super Magic Drive

The Super Magic Drive (manufactured by Front Far East) is a copier that dumps cartridge info to four different types of floppy disks or to a PC directly via a parallel port. These files come in SMD format, which in turn can be used on an emulator. In addition, putting different floppy disks in the Super Magic Drive allows them to be playable on the Sega Mega Drive.

It also has features for supporting battery-backed RAM present in some game cartridges, as well as providing functions for disk management. With an adapter, the Super Magic Drive can copy and play SNES games too. Another allows PC Engine games to be copied, but the games have to be loaded from the external disk drive every time instead of being able to play them from the memory. In addition, the Super Magic Drive serves as a Japanese/North American/European ROM converter.

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