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Sega Saturn Segata Sanshiro Action Figure & VHS

Segata Sanshiro is a fictional character created by Sega to advertise the Sega Saturn in Japan between 1997 and 1998. He’s like Chuck Norris, except more hadcore.

Sanshiro lives as a hermit high on a mountain, devoting his life to intensive Sega Saturn training. He trains physically every day by carrying around a giant Sega Saturn on his back and punching buttons on its giant controller, as well as mentally by breaking stacks of blocks with his head. His intense training has resulted in his ability to make people explode twice by throwing them, which he does with ease. He also frequently visits the city to seek out people who are not playing the Sega Saturn, and harshly teaches them a lesson. Sanshiro is a serious man with a firm sense of duty, who believes that playing video games is one of the most treasured activities in life.

The Segata Sanshiro campaign is often cited as one of the major reasons for the success of the Sega Saturn in Japan. It’s a small surprise that a lot of merchandise featuring him. There was even a best selling Music CD.

Anyways, one seller has Boxed Sega Saturn Segata Sanshiro Action Figure and a Sega Saturn Segata Sanshiro VHS Tape with Commercials.

Check out the commercials he was featured in:

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