SupaBoy lets you have some personal time with your SNES games – on the go too!

The Genesis platform seems to be enjoying it’s alone time with gamers with the Gen Mobile. SNES fans rejoice as Hyperkin (you might remember Hyperkin from back in the PS2 days with those Street Fighter Anniversary fightpads and other crap-cessories they’ve done in the past) announces it’s upcoming ‘Supaboy’ will let you play SNES games on the go. If you don’t give a crap on whether you have a big hunka-cartridge sticking out of your portable device, then you won’t have a problem with this one. I guess the design was based off of the SNES controller sorta keepin’ it real creative (just sorta).

The SupaBoy will come equip with a 3.5 inch screen, 2 controller ports, and a rechargeable battery. It even comes with an output to plug in to your TV. At this time, this device is still in it’s prototype stages. There’s really no word as to when it’ll come out. While this will never be the same as your SNES, I think it could be a great back up unit or if you’re not into emulation at all.

Source: CVG

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