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ETSY Hunting for 9/5 – Etsa Pokebra..

Going into Etsy these days is like being in a craft show only that it’s like looking through a mirror – the same shit is repeated over and over and over again. The term “8-Bit”, “Mario”, “Nintendo” or even “Atari” on Etsy is a little overrated these days. That’s why I haven’t found anything interesting […]

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Etsy Hunting for 02/24/11

Well this is a long overdue.. Etsy is very time consuming. There’s just way too much stuff on there it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve decided today I’ll just post a few noteworthy ones.. Famicom Phone Case Made of Felt – $28 From the description: This case is made of 1mm cream and maroon colored felt […]

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Etsy Hunting: Realism is Scary

While I was searching for stuff last night, I noticed some people selling video games on Etsy.com. I guess you sell anything you want really. Anyways, here’s last night’s find. Super Mario World – Limited Edition Print | Price: $50 Description Let your friends and family know how awesome a short fat Italian plumber riding […]

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