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    New Jaguar CD Homebrew and Geist Force

    Back in 93/94 I was enthralled with the Atari Jaguar.  As I thumbed through a four page spread in GameFan Magazine, I dreamed about accurate arcade translations and some innovative titles that took advantage of the sprite engine and huge game controller of Atari’s renaissance hardware.  Seventeen years after the dream ended some talented people are showing the machine still has […] More

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    Sega Pluto is back

    After an and unsuccessful auction over at Game Gavel, the owner of the second Sega Pluto to see the light of day is back, this time on Ebay.  For anyone unfamiliar with the Pluto, this was Sega’s attempt to built a NetLink modem into a Saturn.  About as long as an Genesis 2/Sega CD 2 […] More