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Golden SNES Controller ISSS Gold Brazil Exclusive

This was a special edition controller that was included in the 1998 World Cup edition of the Brazillian Super NES, and came with International Superstar Soccer Deluxe as a pack-in. It also was given away as a prize from a Blockbuster competition. Unlike most controllers, it has both the SFC and Super NES logos engraved in the back.

The seller says:

This is a very rare golden controller, officially released by Nintendo, exclusively on Brazil. This controller was part of a limited bundle sold to celebrate the World Cup 98, which included 2 controllers (1 gold) and the game International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, which is very popular here in Brazil. It was also given as a prize in some contests organized by Blockbuster. It is really hard to find, and it is almost impossible to find a mint copy.

Both controllers work perfectly, with no problems at all. You can see in the pictures some cool features of this controller. It has the nintendo logo engraved on it, both in front and the back, instead of painted like the original grey ones. The model number is SNS-102 and that it has both the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom logos engraved. It will really be a nice addition to any super nintendo collection.

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