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Nintendo Employee Only Items

eBay seller thethingsifind usually has some crazy and unique stuff. Aside from the few tings we`ve already mentioned like the Mario Employee Jacket and the 23K Pokemon Gold Cards Burger King Award, they`ve listed a bunch of new auctions all starting at $0.99.

Highlights Include:

Nintendo Zelda Promo Action Figure Set (Three Figure Target Exclusive)
Nintendo Zelda SM64 Banjo Soundtrack Set
Nintendo Employee Pen Scratchpad Set – 25 Nintendo Pens! Including SNES Era Stuff!
Nintendo Employee Watch Set – 5 Employee Only & 1 Retail
Kirby 64 Store Display
Pokemon GBC Display
Nintendo Pokemon Promotional 35MM Camera
Nintendo Employee Thermos
Nintendo Mario Game Watch GC Clock Scratchpad Set – Sweet watch in here.
Nintendo Employee Calculator and Squeeze Toys
Pokemon desk organizer, Excitebike 64 scratchpads and Mario Golf golf balls
Nintendo Mario Kart Action Figure
Nintendo 64 Store Display
Nintendo 64 Employee Tie – My favorite item.


Wii EA Sports – Signed by someone?
Vintage Sega Sonic & Tails Patch
Assassins Creed 2 Ezio Diary
COD World At War Cloth Banner
Monkey Hero PS1 Trade Demo
Lot Of Four XBOX Kiosk Demos
High Flying Crash Bandicoot Action Figure

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