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Korean Sega CD Aladdin Boy II 2 Samsung Korea Mega Drive Genesis

I know a lot of Sega collectors who are excited to see this thing listed. Why? It’s pretty much an impossible to find system.However, no one has thrown down the opening $599.99 bid to date. Basically, it’s a Korean Sega CD System.

From the seller:

Korean Sega CD System. It is complete in box and the system and all paper work is still factory sealed. This is an extremely rare item and you will never see another one like it come up on eBay.

The Korean name of the system is the CD Aladdin Boy II (CD 알라딘보이 II). This is a model 2 Sega CD / Mega CD. In Korea the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive was originally named the Super Gamboy (수퍼겜보이), but was later renamed the Super Aladdin Boy (수퍼 알라딘보이). The Korean Sega CD systems exclusively used the latter name.

To my knowledge, the region for the system is NTSC-J. It will be able to play any Japanese or Korean Mega CD games. The system is still sealed in the plastic and thus has not been tested. I do not have any Korean games to sell with the system, however I imagine that most buyers would also keep the system sealed for collection purposes.

Auction Here(Thank to the multiple people who sent this one in!)


Same seller has a ton of Korean games for sale
– Highlights include a SNES Link To The Past (with a bid at $124.99)
as well as Genesis and Master system exclusives. There`s even a few Game Boy games.

Sega Mega CD Development Console

MorbidStix 360 Controllers – SteamPunk V .002 – I fail to understand why someone would pay $200 for this.


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