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Sega France – Sonic The Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Anti-Aging Cream

Rare novelty item sent out by Sega France. According to the seller, it was never actually approved by Sonic Team and was kind of snuck out under the radar to French journalists and blogs. Even the cream itself is Sonic blue. The packaging itself is nice, and claims in French the cream is the secret to eternal youth.

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Nintendo Vintage 1972 Mach Rider Toy Race Car – Mach Rider was originally released as a plastic race car or hot rod toy by Nintendo that came with a ramp for jumping and a stick shift-like object with three different kinds of meters on it. When the car is placed inside of it, it can be charged up and let loose at high speed.
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Nintendo Vintage Famicom Briefcase Game Cartridge Case
Nintendo Vintage 1974 Ultra Machine Sealed Unopened Toy Game – The successor of the Ultra Hand, it shoots out little plastic balls that you hit with a Nintendo branded bat. It’s never been used, the plastic balls are still sealed.
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Virtual Boy T-Shirt (Black)
Virtual Boy Headphones – Never released in North America, so these Japanese ones that work on any Virtual Boy were the only official headphones ever made for the Virtual Boy.
Hudson Soft Virtual Boy Pin – Rare Hudson Soft Virtual Boy Pin, made by the same company that brought Panic Bomber and Vertical Force to the Virtual Boy. This pin is said to have been given out at the E3 Trade Show in 1995.
SPACE QUEST I: The Sarien Encounter ATARI ST Sierra RARE BLACK BOX Version 1986
Marathon Trilogy Box Set Bungie Halo 4 RARE Photo Scrapbook & Decals – This is the 1997 Marathon Trilogy Box Set released by Bungie software. The boxed set is loaded with rare goodies, extras and historical information that make it a must for Marathon and Halo fans alike. Many of Halo’s icons and story-based mythology were recycled from the Marathon trilogy; indeed, Halo was announced as a Mac-only game until Microsoft saw its potential as a flagship XBox title. Soon after the original Halo for the Mac was first announced, Microsoft quickly bought out Bungie, modified Halo for the XBOX, and history was made.
Spyro the Dragon: Season of Ice Lot – 10 Sealed Games!
Virtual Boy Wario Land – Unopened (Kinda)
Falcon 4.0 PC Game – I think I have a sealed copy of 1.0 in storage somewhere.
Game Boy Amazing Tater
DOOM id Software 1993 – Original 3.5″ floppy disks of the game!
Secret of Mana RARE BIG BOX display w/ Nintendo Player’s Guide SNES German
Super Metroid RARE BIG BOX ! with Player’s Guide GERMAN display Nintendo SNES
Terranigma RARE BIG BOX display w/ player’s guide Super Nintendo German ver SNES
Samurai Shodown V Special (unfixed) – US – NEO GEO AES
ATARI 2600 TEMPEST Video Game Cartridge Prototype – Seller has listed minimal info.
Nintendo Gamecube Read Check Program Disc – The disc itself only starts up when in the unit and powered on. It can scan entire games for errors.
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Nintendo Wii / U NFR Not for Resale Demo
Nintendo Zone Wireless Distribution Box DS Card NFR Not For Resale
Nintendo Gamecube NR Disc Dev Developer NFR
Nintendo DS Demo NFR Zelda Spirit Tracks Mario Party Bowser’s Inside
Joyride Studios Gamepro Exclusive Editors Figures – Limited to 2500. Include Miss Spell, Dr. Zombie, Major Mike, and Dan Elektro. Gamepro has since been discontinued.

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