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Sega Smash Controller

What is it? Well, I wrote a big article on this once upon a time but I can’t find it at the moment. Also, there isn’t a ton of information out there on this. If you can help, or I have anything incorrect, please comment.

This unlicensed controller is for a game called Whac-a-Critter (on the box at least as the title screen says Mallet Legend) which is an unlicensed action game for the Mega Drive / Genesis developed by AV artisan and published in the US by Realtec in 1993. It has nine buttons for each of the holes in the game, and was distributed by Realtec and Innovation.

The game is a Wac-A-Mole clone — simply hit the button on the controller corresponding to the hole where a critter pops up before it disappears. After hitting enough, you get a much harder “boss battle” before moving on to the next round.

One thing I’m not clear on is where Mallet Legend originated. I’m assuming it’s a Taiwan release and just renamed for the US market. Now, a Boxed Mallet Legend controller used to bring around $350 US. I’m not sure what this Smash Controller is worth, but the $199.00 BIN seems very worthwhile to me.

Maybe not. One went unsold recently for $50.00. Looks like it might be one of those really rare items that sell for nothing unless you have two people who really want it at the right time.

Auction Here

Check out copies of Wac-A-Critter as well.

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