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Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance XBOX Promo/Developement Version

violentsnake of the Metal Gear collector database let me know about this auction.

It’s basically a rare promo item from 2002 which was was sent out to journalists prior to Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance’s release. It’s a very nice looking Konami metal tin, with the disc inside.

This is not only a rare item in the Metal Gear community, but a valuable and coveted item in the general demo/prototype collector community as well. How valuable? Well, the last one on eBay sold for 450 GBP (roughly $700 US).

So what makes this so valuable? In most cases, no one cares about Metal Gear XBOX related items. It’s all about the rarity and that that sexy Konami tin. violentsnake also told me it’s the only disc he’s ever seen stamped that it isn’t the final version.

On their website it has a 9.25 rarity ranking, which they’re currently thinking of raising to 9.5.

Auction Here (Currently $444.20)


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