Nintendo Cherry Tree 1979 Vacuum Cleaner Toy

This is a great little item from Nintendo. It’s the Cherry Tree Vacuum cleaner that was released in 1979. Very little is known about it and very few pictures are available of it on the internet. The video above is probably the only video of one!

Overall everything is in very good condition. I wasn’t aware of this but the unit comes with stickers. You can see the referenced in the instructions. Everything is very clean overall with very good color. The instructions, care card, and cleaning broom are included. The outer box has no fading.

You can see in the video that the unit is in good working order. There does seem to be one small connection problem from time to time with one of the batteries. If you look at the battery casing cap (the last picture before the shipping boxes) you’ll see the far left node has some darkening. I cleaned it a bit and it was working fine, but depending on what angle you’re holding it at the power would sometimes cut out, then turn back on when you turned the unit again. I cleaned it more and it worked for a while, then stopped once. I think a proper clean should do the trick but I didn’t want to create too many scratches.

If you’re a Nintendo toy fan looking for this item you probably won’t have the chance to get one in this condition again anytime soon!

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