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Anyone even reading gameSniped today?

With E3 in full swing, I expect many of you may be following live coverage. I’ve got the XBOX conference on at the moment, which has been vaguely entertaining.

Highlights in my opinion so far are:

  • COD: Black Ops looks sweet, but I expect it to not be as good as MW2.
  • MGS: Rising looks awesome, plus chopping up people and watermelons will be equally fun.
  • I still don’t care about Halo, although Space Battles will be an interesting addition.
  • Two sequels in an I still have no interest in even playing Fable.
  • Kinectimals looks surprisingly good. Kids (and my wife) are gonna love this. It’s like Nintendogs on PCP.
  • My parent might finally be able to play a movie on XBOX with Kinect (Project Natal).
  • My son is going to go ballistic over Kinect Joy Ride.
  • Anyone watching it? Thoughts?

    I’ll have some actual auctions up shortly, and will be checking throughout the day to see if 2010 E3 swag is showing up.


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